Month of the Military Child


Celebrate Our Children!

April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child since 1986. It is a time to honor and recognize the sacrifices made by children of military families and the significant role they play in our Armed Forces community. Military children, over 1.6 million of them, face unique challenges such as moving three times as much as civilian families and enduring long separations from deployed parents. Every April, we can celebrate military children by recognizing their bravery and important service.

Resources for Celebrating Month of the Military Child

Use any of these ideas or resources to help celebrate or support the military children in your congregation, school, or community.
Ideas for the Month
  • Set aside a Sunday in April to recognize military children in your church
  • Ask your pastor to include a prayer for military children and families
  • Set up a display in your school or church highlighting where the military children in your community have lived
  • Celebrate Purple Up! Day on April 15 by wearing the color purple
  • Share the stories of military children in your congregation in your church's newsletter
  • Provide a small gift or gift card to the military children in your church
  • Be a mentor to a child whose parent is deployed

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with the families serving our nation!


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