A Workshop for Veterans & First Responders

Long shifts, poor sleep, and a dangerous work environment are not the only experiences shared by Veterans and First Responders. Both are significantly more likely to experience trauma related to their job. These experiences can impact us, our families, and our faith. Join us as we focus on the impacts of trauma and how God has prepared us for peace.

July 20, 2024
Parkland Lutheran Church

Tacoma, Washington

0945 - 1000 - Arrive/Light Snacks
1000 - 1010 - Welcome
1010 - 1050 - Session 1: Body vs Mind
1050 - 1100 - Break
1100 - 1140 - Session 1 (continued)
1140 - 1200 - Intro to Lutheran Military Support Group
1200 - 1300 - Lunch (provided)
1300 - 1350 - Session 2: Working as God's Servant, An Agent of Wrath
1350 - 1400 - Break
1400 - 1430 - Session 2 (continued)
1430 - 1500 - Devotion/Feedback/Closing

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Workshop Speakers

Megan McMahon
Megan McMahon
MA, Mental Health Practitioner, Footnotes Counseling Services

Megan McMahon is a Christian counselor who specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression. She served as an MP in the US Army, with a deployment to Afghanistan in 2014. Seven months into her deployment, she was medically evacuated back the States and was medically discharged. In spite of her own stubbornness during her transition, she learned a great deal about herself and the emotional impacts of recovery through equine counseling. Megan is dedicated to helping other Veterans on their journey toward healing.

Body Vs. Mind
It almost feels like our body and mind have two separate brains. Logically, we know we are safe in a scenario, but our body says, "No!" It is as if our body is living in the same moment it was scared, worried, sad, angry, or just stuck. It may feel like we are crazy, but we are not. In this session,we will look at the effects trauma has on our mind and body.
Brad Price
Brad Price
President/CEO - Lutheran Military Support Group

Brad is a US Army Veteran with experience in search & rescue and detention services. He deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2005 where he served as a tailgunner. Brad was assigned as a Cavalry Scout Instructor following his deployment. He joined LMSG in 2022 and enjoys serving fellow Veterans and 1st Responders. He is married to his wife, Laura, and has two sons.

Working as God's Servant, An Agent of Wrath
"They are God's servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer." Romans 13:4b

The job descriptions "God's Servant" and "Agent of Wrath" do not seem to fit together as Christians. Aren't we called to live at peace with one another? Yet, that is how the Apostle Paul describes those who serve in professions who carry the sword.  In this session, we will reflect on God's establishment of the warrior vocation, the complications of serving in such a role, and the comfort that God provides to us as Christian Warriors.

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