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Join us for our 2024 Spiritual Retreat for Christian Warriors and their Battle Buddies

God created us to support and encourage one another. Our Battle Buddies do this. We rely on our Battle Buddies to go into life’s battles with us. For some, our Battle Buddy is that person we deployed with or is our spouse. For others, it may be a parent or mentor. Sadly, war or the effects of war may have taken your Battle Buddy from you. Come and join fellow Veterans for a weekend of Building Bridges in our relationship with God and our community of Christian Warriors.

Our Spiritual Retreat for Battle Buddies will be held November 14-17, at Camp Shiloh, Texas, on the shores of beautiful Lake Bob Sandlin.

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Registration will open on July 1st, 2024.

Disclaimer - Lutheran Military Support Group is an affiliated ministry of WELS and ELS synods and holds to the Christian doctrine professed by both synods, including those related to fellowship and member communion. Should a WELS/ELS Veteran want to attend our Retreat with a Veteran outside the fellowship of WELS/ELS, they are welcome to attend. We ask that the Member discuss doctrinal concerns with their local WELS/ELS pastor prior to attending our Retreat.

If you have any questions about the retreat, please contact us at info@lutheranmilitary.org

More about our Spiritual Retreats

The founders of LMSG were aware of the vital need for post-traumatic stress awareness, suicide prevention, and education on spiritual wounds that accompany combat experience for the Christian Warriors in our congregations. A recent Veterans Affairs study showed that an average of 17 Veterans take their lives each day. This study also indicated that between 10 and 29% of Veterans, depending on service era, will experience post-traumatic stress at some point in their lives. We developed our Spiritual Retreats in response to this need.

Our retreats are grounded in Lutheran doctrine and include workshops, devotions, and worship services. Workshops are led by WELS and ELS pastors, mental health professionals, and peer support individuals who have served in the military themselves or supported Military families in their professional lives. Our retreats are offered at no cost to attendees.


“The ‘by name’ communion and forgiveness of sins was very moving and meaningful.”
“I for once in over 12 years have felt actually for real, forgiveness. I have been carrying around guilt, shame and unforgiveness for so long that I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was either drink myself to death or feel Jesus letting me know deep in my soul that I am truly Forgiven!”

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