In My Prayers, I Thank God for You

Today I say a prayer of thanks for you—you who are serving in our nation’s military, whether you are stationed stateside or overseas. For you who are the spouses of those who are serving in our nation’s military. For you who are the parents of a child who serves in our nation’s military. For you who are children of those who serve in our nation’s military.

D-Day + 730,000

If you are reading this devotion on June 7, then that means today is D-Day plus 1. On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces named that day D-Day. There were many D-Days during World War II, but that one was the most famous—when over 160,000 Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, turning the page on the history of that war in favor of the Allied forces.


If you go to church this coming Sunday, it is the second Sunday after Pentecost. And if your pastor is following the assigned readings for that Sunday, almost all of them will have to do with the Sabbath and the Third Commandment: Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy.

That word Sabbath means “rest.” And I’m guessing that if you’re reading this devotion, you, like me, need rest.

He Dies to Produce a Harvest

On this Memorial Day weekend, let’s look at some words from Jesus from John 12:23,24. Jesus said, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

Jesus Has Not Left Us Alone

As a warfighter, your vocation requires you to leave at times. Whether that’s leaving overseas, or TDY, or to school, or to training—you have to leave. And when you leave, that means that you leave something or someone behind, whether that’s parents or friends or your church family.

Jesus Prays for You, Military Spouse

Today, Friday, May 10, is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. And this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Probably not a coincidence. But I do know that there are plenty of military spouses who aren’t mothers, but they are fathers and husbands. I don’t know what you personally are going through as a military spouse. But I do know quite a few military spouses, and these are some of the things that they’re going through. Maybe you can identify with them.


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