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Sonora H.

Being a Military Kid


Being a military kid is nice. I like how I move a lot. I get to see so many cool places. But the downside is we need to move away from our friends. My dad is also gone a lot. But think about it, he is preparing to fight and save people. How cool is that?!

We also get to go to so many parties and events. That's pretty cool, too. I like how my dad comes home after a deployment or field time. I like that because I get to get really hyper.

I have so many friends. Guess how? Because I moved so much. One of my good friends is one of my classmates. He's been one of my best friends since we were 2. We've gotten to live by them in two different duty stations. So, to me, being a military kid is awesome!

Written by Sonora H., 2024

Photo 1 - Sonny is helping to put a new rank on Daddy

Photo 2  - At the airport waiting to fly to their new duty station in Germany

Photo 3 - Sonny opening birthday presents while Daddy is deployed to Poland

Photo 4 - Sonny welcoming Daddy back home from Poland

Photo 5 - Sonny participating in a kid's spur ride

Photo 6 - Sonny and Daddy in Wittenberg, Germany

Photo 7 - Sonny and Daddy ready for Octoberfest

Photo 8 - Getting ready to move back to America from Germany


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