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Lucy G.

Resilience, Uniqueness,
& Trust


There have been several things I’ve learned as a military child, but there are three things that have really stuck with me. Every place I travel to (and there have been many places) I’m reminded of the same three things. Resilience. Uniqueness. Trust. These are the three things that every military child needs.

As a military child, you learn quickly that you need to have resilience. Two things that fall under the category of resilience are adaptability and flexibility. When you’re a military kid you move around a lot (like a lot a lot) so you need to be able to be flexible enough to be ready to leave at any time. You also need to be able to adapt to new locations. One thing that can be easy for me to forget is that part of being adaptable is being able to leave what you have and start again. This means that when you have friends, don’t just assume you’ll never see them again when you leave, and don’t ever stop making new friends simply because you know you will have to leave them in the future, too.

Another thing every military child needs to remember is that they are unique. I often forget this as well. When I lived in Benin (Africa) and Sri Lanka (Asia), I was one of only a few military kids (including my brother) and we all were incredibly unique in the eyes of the people who lived there. Just because you’re a military kid doesn’t mean you’re not normal; it simply means you are unique. This isn’t a bad thing though. Everyone is unique. There is no such thing as normal when everyone is unique. In fact, the most normal thing to be is unique.

The most important thing a military kid needs is trust. Not just any trust though; you need trust in God. You need to trust that you are exactly where he put you for exactly the right purpose. When days get hard (and trust me they get hard) and when you want to just sit down on the ground and refuse to leave ever again and when you want to fight against what seems like the unfairness of it all, don’t forget to trust him. He knows exactly how you feel. He also knows what he’s doing. Trust that he’s got you in the palm of his hand. Trust that he’ll always be there even when you feel alone surrounded by new places and new faces.

These three things are what you need, but the most important of these things is trust that he always has a brilliant, wonderful plan for you. My final words to you are this, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9

Written by Lucy G., 2024

Photo 1 - Lucy with her dad after an awards formation

Photo 2  - Praying together as a family before a deployment

Photo 3 - Lucy and her brother, Jeff, with their dad at the Marine Corps Ball in Sri Lanka

Photo 4 - The family in Benin after her dad was promoted

Photo 5 - Lucy and Jeff pinning on their dad's next rank during another promotion

Photo 6 - Before another Marine Corps Ball in California

Photo 7 - Lucy and her dad going to a Father/Daughter Dance

Photo 8 - Exploring and enjoying the world together


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