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Jana K.

What It's Like

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a military kid? 

Military kids have the chance to travel to a lot of different places unlike regular kids. For example, I have been to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, a restaurant in a treetop in Japan, Geunjeongjeon palace in South Korea, old gold mines in the deserts of California, and have searched for megalodon teeth on the beaches of North Carolina. I've traveled to 29 states and 3 countries.

Since my dad is a Marine, he also has to go on deployments. One of his deployments was to Norway and the other was to Afghanistan. My dad has also traveled for several months at a time to go to different military schools and training exercises. When I was little, my dad would record videos of himself reading books so I would not miss him as much. I was fortunate to be able to video chat with him often on his deployments. Keeping in touch with my dad is simple because he is a communications officer, so we can text, email, and video chat with him easily almost every time.

As a military kid, I get to live in different places for a short amount of time before moving, have to say goodbye to friends when we move, and switch schools and churches more frequently. In Twentynine Palms, I started homeschooling because there weren't a lot of options for school. Now I can get school done before lunchtime and go on field trips with my sisters! Oftentimes, we live in places where we have to travel a long distance to go to church, too.  

Even though moving around and saying goodbye may sound difficult, it is great, too! Some of the benefits of being a military kid is I can travel to lots of different places. It may be tricky to say goodbye to my dad, but it is fun to explore new places and make fond memories. Being a military child is a blessing though I have faced some challenges.

Written by Jana K., 2024

Photo 1 - Jana was baptized by Pastor Kevin Stellick in Okinawa, Japan, in 2011

Photos 2 and 3 - Jana and her sisters, Lena and Nora, greeting Dad (Joe) after getting home from Norway

Photos 4 and 5 - Jana, Lena, and Nora getting ready to welcome Dad back from Afghanistan

Photo 6 - Jana and her sisters with Dad before he went to the Marine Corps ball in 2022

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