Lutheran Military Support Group is a non-profit organization providing Christ-centered support to WELS/ELS military service members, veterans, and their families.

PTS Contact: WELS Chaplain Paul Ziemer

Recent national findings indicate many of these people are under stress directly caused by the service they perform(ed). For instance, in 2015 a study found that at least 22 suicides per day among military veterans were occurring; the average age – 55 years old. What a tragedy. Many individuals face the “demons” of PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). Other studies show that the symptoms for PTS are experienced because of combat-related and non-combat-related events. Civilians in the general population also can face these very same challenges. It often is difficult to recognize what some people deal with because there are very few outward signs. LMSG hopes to help change that situation by educating the congregations about this and other “plagues” and suggesting ways to address them. Individuals react to these stresses in their own ways.

We pray that you will find the information provided below helpful.

The Conflict at Home: Soldiers Confronting PTSD- This booklet is dedicated to those who struggle with the rawness of war and to the families who support them in their journey. It also goes out to pastors and chaplains who point to the cross and, above all, to our Christus Victor who has destroyed death and leads His church to life.

God’s To-Do List for Depression  Depressed? Struggling with PTS? Need some encouragement and understanding? This “Time of Grace Video was not specifically written for PTS, but it comes highly recommended by a veteran who struggles with PTS and, our WELS Chaplain, Paul Ziemer. Based on Psalms 42-43.PTS Resource Books

• A Pastor Looks at PTSD

Caregiver Partners Understanding and Healing the Wounds of PTS Handout

• Chased by Demons   Forward in Christ Article-Many men and women in our congregations have served our country and communities with honor and distinction. Yet some suffer. All governments, ours included, call upon men and women to protect us from our enemies. The job they do often brings hidden pain.

 Strength to Love, Honor, and Care Forward in Christ Article– One family walks through the dark valley of PTS to hope and love.

• Take Five This is the opening devotion for the 2018 PTSD Spiritual R & R at Camp Phillip, WI.

How sharing my PTSD struggles helped others—and me Army Sgt. Jon Harmon lost both legs after stepping on an improvised explosive device while on a mission in Afghanistan in 2012. Today he speaks to commands and veterans about his personal struggle with mental health and how he works to overcome it.