Lutheran Military Support Group is a non-profit organization providing Christ-centered support to WELS/ELS military service members, veterans, and their families.

Christian Service Members’ Handbook

When Christian military members are called into service, this pocket-sized faith and worship resource helps them take God’s Word wherever they’re sent.

The book contains prayers for:
• Specific military topics
• The church season
• Morning and Evening devotional orders
• Scripture
• Hymns from Christian Worship with musical notation and guitar chords
• Portions of Luther’s Small Catechism

The Christian Service Members’ Handbook was developed by Lutheran Military Support Group, WELS Special Ministries, and NPH to help believers in the military stay strong in their faith while in battle or in dangerous situations where a pastor or fellow believer might not be available.

This handbook was designed for WELS & ELS members and anyone needing God’s Word and comfort who are serving in our military. It should fit inside the breast pocket of military camouflage uniforms. Pastors with experience in military ministry provided prayers to fit a multitude of situations our service members face and prayers for major church occasions.

This is a welcome companion for the Christian Service Member, keeping them connected to their Savior, Jesus.

• WELS Military members and families who sign up on the referral form can get a FREE copy of the Christian Service Member’s Handbook and also a complimentary Camo covered New Testament with Psalms and a waterproof “Rite in the Rain” notebook. Sign up today!

• ELS Military members and families can receive a FREE copy of the Christian Service Member’s Handbook by calling the Bethany Lutheran College Bookstore (507) 344-7777. These have been provided by a generous grant from the ELS Board of Christian Services.

•Veterans & Civilians can order copies by visiting: Northwestern Publishing House
A single copy is $6.99. There are varying discounts available for orders of 6 or more.