Ideas from the Trenches (Page 2)

Ideas from the Trenches (Page 2)

Living Hope Lutheran LMSG Display

We set the board up on a table with a dark blue table cloth, along with the ammo can, a small American flag, an offering basket, and the LMSG trifold.  We also set a note near the offering basket saying how the money is used (found on the LMSG webpage- “Grants and Special Projects”). Submitted by-Trisha Johnson Living Hope, Omaha

Sample Letter For the Deployed Soldier

SUBMITTED BY PASTOR TONY PITTENGER, BETHANY LUTHERAN CHURCH, PORT ORCHARD, WA. Our congregation will be sending out the following letter (see below) to all of our members who are stationed elsewhere. You can edit it to fit your specific needs. Greetings in the name of Jesus; Ruler of wind and wave, Captain of the angel hosts, and Prince of Peace! On behalf of all your brothers and sisters at Bethany, we want to thank you for your service to our nation. While…

Honoring Patriots Day

Submitted by Pastor Tony Pittenger, Bethany Lutheran Church, Port Orchard, WA. On Monday, September 11, 2017 our Lutheran School and Early Learning Center participated in a “Patriot Day” observance. First we “assembled” a flag in our fence using colored cups. Pastor Pittenger explained the symbolism of the blue field “union” and the 50 white stars while the children from the Early Learning Center placed stars on the cups. Second Pastor Locklair explained the symbolism of the 13 stripes and of the…

Selling WELS Window Clings to Support LMSG

We purchased 50 WELS window clings from NPH @ $1.00 each and asked for a suggested donation of $2.00 each to support LMSG. You can order direct from NPH ( Respectfully, Dave Baird

Take A Soldier Home

This idea comes from Bethany Lutheran Church in Port Orchard, WA. They plan on setting up a display, like the one pictured, on Veterans Day. Congregational members will be able to take a toy soldier home and are encouraged to place it in a highly visible spot. Each time they see the toy soldier, it will serve as a reminder to pray for our men and women who are serving our country. Suggestions where to buy the toy soldiers are:…

Welcome Home All Veterans Benefit Event

Submitted by Pastor Edward Bryant Pastor Bryant, an ELS pastor in Lombard, IL, spearheaded an effort to take the church’s enthusiasm for supporting the troops and tie it in with a local event that is sponsored by others in the community.  This was their first effort in having to coordinate with another group, but their hard work and persistence paid off in allowing them to get exposure and make contact with many service families and friends. May your congregation…

M.O.M.S. Mothers of Military Service People

Submitted by Mr. Brian Seehausen Mr. Seehausen is actively involved in his WELS Chapter in Crete, Illinois, and has been in frequent contact with the office of the National Liaison. This M.O.M.S. group ministers to the congregational members by sharing, encouraging, and supporting the military mothers within the congregation, and by doing the same with the men and women involved in military service. They continue to expand their ministry, by having added an “Adopt a Soldier” program. Brian, we…

Handbook/Field Manual For WELS/ELS Members Serving in the Military

Submitted by Mr. Dennis Lemke Mr. Lemke is involved in his LMSG Chapter.  His idea was immediately picked up by the Board who has now formed a Committee to take his idea and develop it further in a spiritual tool that each Active Duty church member will be able to use to strengthen one’s faith in Christ while in the service stateside or worldwide.  
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