Ideas from the Trenches

Ideas from the Trenches

Ideas To Engage/Assist The Military In Your Congregation

Submitted by Pastor Tony Pittenger, Bethany Lutheran Church, Port Orchard, WA. 1. We try to regularly include our military personnel and their families in the prayer of the church. 2. We include special prayers on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, and in response to news concerning the military (e.g. local deployments, accidents, attacks, etc.) 3. We’ve found that displaying an American flag on our website seems to help. (Most military families have investigated our church/school online before they arrive in…

Memorial Day Reflections Project

Mr. Overn heads this project in his ELS congregation in which over the years he has amassed a treasure trove of histories of members who have served in the military. He interviews… He researches… He edits and prints a large amount of historical information so that the stories and lives will not be forgotten each Memorial Day. He does all this despite his advancing years. May God bless you, Bill, with stamina and good health in this labor-intensive area of…

April-Month of the Military Child

Every April the U.S. Military recognizes the children of our active-duty soldiers. This includes all branches of military services. Lutheran Military Support Group is suggesting a few ideas on how your congregations can recognize the military child during the month of April. We encourage individuals to coordinate with your pastor and pick one or more Sundays in April to recognize the Children of these active-duty families. Some suggestions: An announcement in your weekly bulletin or monthly newsletter A special treat following…

Gethsemane Lutheran Veterans Day 2017

Gethsemane Lutheran honored their World War II Veterans and Korean War Veterans on Veteran’s Day. Submitted by: Thomas Kroon LMSG Director-Military Family Support Team Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Omaha, Nebraska

Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day

At Mighty Fortress we recognized our veterans during the service (12 were present!). The theme of the service was based on Luther’s teaching of the Two Kingdoms and his pamphlet “Whether Soldiers, Too, Can Be Saved”. We passed out American Flag/Cross pins the Sunday prior so folks could wear them to work on Friday and on Sunday. We had a cookout after the service to celebrate. Our LMSG ammo can has been out for two weeks, hopefully we’ll be sending…
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