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Annelyse B.



I’m about to say the word “moving” a lot. You know when you say a word over and over and it starts to sound weird? But instead I want you to think of the word in different ways, like physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Physically. We move a lot, like 5 times since I was born, and I’ve attended just as many schools. We’ve been in Virginia for 3 years, so I’ve had time to lay down some roots, make friends, and find out which pizza places are good to eat at. You’ll never guess what we’re doing this summer…moving. Moving can be fun, like when we get to stay in a hotel or camp in our empty house and picnic with Chipotle and play hide 'n seek.

We also travel a lot and see new places. My brother and I have visited all 50 states and over 20 countries. Sometimes we can even visit my dad when he’s gone which is extra special. When I was little we got to see him in Dubai and Seoul during deployments. This year for spring break my mom drove us to Rhode Island while my dad is in school and training. We used to live there, so it was fun to go back. Hey, that’s another fun thing about the military...sometimes you go back to places you’ve been before and it feels different but also the same, and it’s nice.

Emotionally. Our emotions move. Some days are fun and great and easy. Some days are the opposite. Being the "new kid” at school, church, and the dance studio is scary...having to learn or change how we used to do stuff is hard. My dad is gone now and I miss him a lot. When he’s home he will always play games with us, and I love when he drives me to dance because he lets me sit in the front seat. He helps Mom so she has more time for us, too. When he comes home it's so exciting! Sometimes it means he gets a break from work and we can go on vacation, visit family, or just hang out at home.

Spiritually. Our faith moves. Sometimes it feels like it shrinks when things are hard. But really it grows, because I know God is always there for me. If I can remember that when I’m sad or nervous it helps me. Our church is there for us and Mom when my dad is gone, too. If it weren’t for the hard stuff maybe I wouldn’t rely on God like I do. And maybe my faith will help move someone else to know God, too.

Written by Annelyse B., 2024

Photo 1 - Visiting Dad in Dubai

Photo 2  - Homecoming

Photo 3 - Visiting Dad in Seoul

Photo 4 - Participating in Dad's promotion

Photo 5 - Purple Up! Day

Photo 6 - Baptism of Annelyse's sister, Evelyn

Photo 7 - Playing with Dad on a playground

Photo 8 - Dad with all his kids


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