We Remember (Patriot’s Day)

We Remember (Patriot’s Day)

We Remember
“Remember my chains.”
Colossians 4:18

In a famous poem, Rudyard Kipling repeated the warning to his British countrymen, “Lest we forget—lest we forget.”

On the anniversary of a day when terror struck from the skies, it would be well for Americans to heed that warning. It may be disturbing to learn there are some who do not remember the day when planes full of passengers were used as weapons to target buildings full of people.
But we remember.

It may be startling to realize that we are now living among millions of Americans who were not yet born when Osama bin Laden masterminded the plan to bring America to her knees.
But we were here, and we remember.

It may be discouraging to recognize that some Americans have forgotten the many battles fought and the lives sacrificed to keep America as the Land of the Free.
But we remember.

Many seem to be unaware of the meaning behind the Gold Star showing up in a window. But we remember—and those who live in that house are yet pained by the memory. There are those who wonder why “In God, We Trust” is on our dollar bills.
We remember.

Some have forgotten that America’s strength and wealth are not the result of her own efforts, but gifts from her God. We remember the words of our forefathers: “God shed his grace on thee.”
Some are discouraged to learn that dark days come even to those who call to the Lord for help.

We remember that our heavenly Father has never promised heaven on earth.
We remember the war that was fought in heaven and the peace on earth that was bought with holy blood.
We remember that the Almighty God never forsakes his people.
We remember that Christians before us often endured the pain to gain the prize.
We remember, “Our help is in the name of the Lord.”
We will remember to pray for his blessing upon our nation.
Indeed, we can tell the Apostle Paul,
“We remember your chains!”

“We remember that the Savior God never forgets his people.” We will teach this to the next generation that they may know. We will remind them lest they forget. We will remind ourselves and one another. Lest we forget—lest we forget.”