Memorial Day Offerings, LMSG President

Memorial Day Offerings, LMSG President

Greetings from the Lutheran Military Support Group (LMSG):

On May 25th, we commemorated Memorial Day, a day on which we as Americans honor those men and women who died while serving as a member of the United States Armed Forces! For many years, Memorial Day was a day of parades, solemn observances at our local cemeteries with Honors provided by Members of the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), or family members visiting the gravesite of a loved one. This year all that changed due to the coronavirus. Gone were the parades, gone were the solemn observances at the cemeteries, and while we are quarantined in our homes many of us were unable to visit those same cemeteries where our loved ones were laid to rest.

This also affects LMSG! Typically, LMSG would begin our Memorial Day Ammo Can offering on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend; however, since the Coronavirus/Covid19 pandemic many of us may still be quarantined in our homes and our churches will still be restricted from holding corporate worship services due to the social distancing guidelines and other requirements of state Governors Executive Orders. Some of our churches have chosen a different date such as Independence Day for their Ammo Can offering date. You can go to our website, “ support our cause,” when you click on that button it will direct you to another page which will provide an address where you can mail your gift directly to LMSG or the ability to give a gift using PayPal.

During the year 2019, your gifts exceeded $78,000 for the work of LMSG! These gifts were used to support the National Chaplains Office, the work of our Military Contact Pastors (MCP), gifts to veterans studying at our WELS and ELS seminaries, and other veteran support activities. This year we are completing a project that has taken several years to finalize. Working with Northwestern Publishing House (NPH), we will publish an invaluable resource for our members serving in the military. THE CHRISTIAN SERVICE MEMBERS’ HANDBOOK contains prayers, meditations, Morning and Evening Devotions, topical Scriptural passages, 56 hymns, and Luther’s Small Catechism. Please watch for news articles regarding its availability in the Forward In Christ (WELS) and the Lutheran Sentinel (ELS) publications or you can visit the NPH website at

On behalf of LMSG, I want to extend our profound thanks and appreciation to all who supported our organization in our mission to provide Christ-centered support to our military service members, veterans, and their families.

In His Service,

Dave Schroeder






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