Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Winter 2016

2016 Year in Review

Happy New Year from your Lutheran Military Support Group “LMSG”

2016 will go down as the year that LMSG took on a life of its own.  Last January there were 81 congregational members; as I type this, there are now over 300.  We all thank our Lord and Savior for His blessings on LMSG.

In May our Memorial Day Ammo Can offering came in at over 40 thousand.  This provided the funding to support the WELS Military Service Committee, the National Chaplains office and various worthwhile Veterans support groups.  Click here to see the entire list of LMSG grants for 2016.

Also the Veterans Day Ammo Can offering continues to arrive with 85 congregations reporting with over 20 thousand have been received.

In 2017, our Leadership will be reaching out to our Liaisons and member congregations for more Board level participation throughout our Synod’s membership.  Currently because of our fast growth there are more District and Synod functions and speaker requests than we have manpower to fulfill.

This will be my last report as President as my term is up, however I will continue to serve as Financial Secretary to the LMSG Board.

The Lord has seen fit to trust me with many positions of leadership throughout my life – but none more rewarding than President of LMSG.  The young men and women who serve our Nation in uniform are always in our thoughts and prayers to keep the faith as their parents have taught them.  Those of us with a little gray hair, or no hair that have worn the cloth of our Nation also need help and encouragement.  LMSG stands ready to support as needs are made known to us.

I thank everyone who helped, prayed, served or gave to support our LMSG mission and ministry to our military.

Please let me introduce the incoming President.  Col. (US Army, retired) Erhard P. Opsahl, PHD, Professor Emeritus, Luther Preparatory School.   Col. Opsahl has been a mighty warrior for God and Country. To see a more complete bio, click here.
Semper Fi

In His Service,

John L. Stedman