…and the idols will totally disappear (Isaiah 2:18).

At first it appears that with these words the heavy artillery from heaven is zeroed in on other coordinates.  We are not going to be touched.

We have bowed down to no stone statue. We have sacrificed to no wooden god. It seems we need not fear the wrath that the Holy One directs at those who cling to idols.

Or, should we?

As we look closer, as we track the path of ordinance launched by the Almighty, we realize that these are not random targets. These are not rounds fired into the air with the hope that they hit enemy positions. These words are guided missiles—and we are painted as targets. That must mean that idols have been detected in our possession. Righteous wrath is streaking our way.

With shock and alarm we must call out the warning: Incoming!

Is there a glitch in the guidance system? Are we the victims of friendly fire? Or do we need to check again to ensure that there is nothing in us that is throwing out the signal that identifies us as God’s enemy?

Idols! That which we count on most, that which we treasure highest, that is our god. If that word is not spelled with a capital “G,” if it is not the only true and living God of the Scriptures, if that is not the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then it is not God. It is an idol.

Idols draw God’s firepower.

Idols may seem powerful, and idols may promise pleasure and power, and prosperity, but they are feeble and fleeting. Their doom has already been pronounced: “And the idols will totally disappear.”

Do we love someone more than God? Do we fear something more than God? Do we trust anyone or anything more than God?

Mark that as an idol! Maybe we cannot delete it from our life. But we surely can change our attitude toward it. We can strip it of its power and position in our life.

We can stop looking to it for final approval. We can stop it from being an idol.

Remember that statue of Sadam Hussein that was pulled down early in Operation Iraqi Freedom as our troops surged toward Baghdad? Remember how the people cheered?

So cheer the angels as they see us pull down our idols. With power greater than any tank, the Holy Spirit can enable us to get rid of all idols and serve the true and living God.

When we yell, Incoming! let it be because the love and power of the Lord God is coming into our lives.

If the Lord Almighty is in our foxhole, we are safe.

We pray:

Holy and righteous God, too many times we neglect you, or even forget you. We look to created things to solve our problems. We forget that these have been placed into our lives by your helping hand. But without you, they are no help. You are our Lord and our God. Come into our lives with power and love. Keep us safe. Amen.

Written by Pastor Paul Ziemer, WELS National Civilian Chaplain

and Liaison to the Military, Cape Coral, Florida

Provided by WELS Ministry to the Military