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Weekly Devotion-Death Climbed In

Death has climbed in through our windows and has entered our fortresses (Jeremiah 9:21).      Plywood carolers stood on the front lawn. The doormat showed Frosty the Snowman. Inside was a tree, decorated with care. Homemade cookies lay on the counter. It was a wonderful sight at a wonderful time of the year. Except, death had climbed […]


On Veterans Day and Memorial Day weekend, the Lutheran Military Support Group has  Ammo Cans available to place in the narthexes of many of our Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod parishes across the country in which donations may be made to support their work. The Lutheran Military Support Group offers spiritual counseling, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome […]

Weekly Devotion- Remembering

I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago (Psalm 77:10,11). We are entering the season of remembering. Our thoughts will fly back to earlier days and Christmas seasons now gone by. We will recall sights that thrilled us in our youth. In our mind’s ear, we […]